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Past Courses

Boston University:
Natural Environments: The Atmosphere (GG 101)
Physical Climatology
(GG 504)
Remote Sensing of the Lower Atmosphere
(GG 646/446)

University of Colorado, Boulder:
Environmental Systems 1: Climate and Vegetation (GEOG 100)
Environmental Systems 2: Soils and Landforms (GEOG 101)
Atmospheric Science I: Severe Storms (APAS 115)
Dynamic Earth III (meteorology) (GEOG/APAS 319)
Remote Sensing (labs) (GEOG 409/509)

University of Alaska, Anchorage:
Elementary Statistics (AS 300)
Probability and Statistics (AS 307)
Intermediate Statistics (AS 308)
Fortran Programming (CS 105)
Software and Hardware Concepts (CS 201)
Programming Language Structures (CS 331)
Artificial Intelligence (CS 405)

Northern Michigan University:
Physical Geography, GC 100
Map Interpretation (labs), GC 225
Cartography (labs), GC 230