Direct Broadcast Data

A variety of MODIS and AVHRR products are generated at the direct broadcast sites. The primary product is polar winds. Other MODIS products include cloud properties, total precipitable water, low-level atmospheric temperature inversions, surface temperature, and surface albedo. Additional products will be added in the future.

Polar Winds:

MODIS polar winds are being generated at direct broadcast sites in the Arctic and Antarctic. The data are being "pushed" to some numerical weather prediction centers, and are being broadcast on EUMETCast. The MetOffice has demonstrated that the DB winds are similar in quality and number to the "bent-pipe" winds, but are available significantly faster. The data can also be obtained via FTP. They are available in plain text, McIDAS MD, and BUFR formats. The format is described here as a web page or here as a PDF file. Access the data here:


Data for other products are not currently staged for distribution. If you are interested in other product data, let us know.