Obtaining and Building FluxNet

IMPORTANT! If you dowload the code, please register with your name, email and postal addresses. Doing so will ensure that you are kept informed, via email, of bug fixes and updates.

FluxNet consists of two separate programs, one for input without temperature and humidity profiles and one for input with profiles.

To run FluxNet, type in, for example

fluxnet [input filename] [output filename]
FluxNet has been written in both C and IDL. It should be platform-independent, although it has been tested only for Unix (Solaris, Irix, and Linux) and Microsoft Windows (95/98/NT). The source code is the same for all platforms, but the method of getting the files and building the execuable programs varies.

Source Code and Test Files

There are two distributions: one that includes only those files needed to build and test FluxNet, and one that also contains files needed to develop your own network. Binaries (executables) for various operating systems and the manuals are not included in these distributions (see below). The distribution that includes the main source code and test files is fnet.tar.gz. The full distribution that also includes the development programs is fnetall.tar.gz.


Executables are available for:
In all cases there is an executable for the network without profiles (fluxnet) and with profiles (fluxnetp).

IDL Procedures (IDL 4.0 and higher)

Source code: