PRF Data Set Monthly Mean Plots for the Arctic

Here are plots of monthly mean surface albedo, surface radiation, and cloud forcing in the Arctic. The are all in the Postscript format, so you'll need a Postscript interpreter application for your browser (e.g., Ghostview). The months are shortened to 3 characters in the file name.

Cloud Amount:,,,,,,,,,,,

Surface Albedo:,,,,

Longwave Cloud Forcing:,,,,,,,,,,,

Downwelling Shortwave:,,,,,,,,,,,

Upwelling Shortwave:,,,,,,,,,,,

Net Shortwave:,,,,,,,,,,,

Shortwave Cloud Forcing:,,,,,,,,,,,

Downwelling Longwave:,,,,,,,,,,,

Upwelling Longwave:,,,,,,,,,,,

Net Longwave:,,,,,,,,,,,

Net Radiation:,,,,,,,,,,,

Net Cloud Forcing:,,,,,,,,,,,