Ice Particle Habit Data

The coefficients of the parameterizations are given in the tables below. Each file has at least six columns of information. The first is a string describing the particle habit. The second is the wavelength (microns). The third through sixth are the a, b, or c coefficients in the equations given on the main page, e.g., a0, a1, a2, a3. The units are m3 g-1 km-1 for bext/WC. The single-scattering albedo and asymmetry parameter are unitless.

The asymmetry parameter file has two additional columns, the first of which (the seventh column) is the second asymmetry parameter g2 for the double Henyey-Greenstein (H-G) function. The last column is the weighting factor f in the double H-G.

6-Band Model (Fu and Liou):

24-Band Model (Slingo and Schrecker; Streamer):

56-Band Model (Yang et al.):