Historical AVHRR Polar Winds: Data Access and Format

The data are available with conditions. Data format and access for both real-time and historical winds are described here as a web page or here as a PDF file. The historical AVHRR polar winds are only available in BUFR format via FTP at CIMSS. The directory structure is:

The file naming convention is


n- NOAA satellite number (7,9-12,14-17)
yyyy- four digit year (e.g., 1999)
ddd- three digit julian day (e.g., 032)
tttt- UTC time (i.e. 1815)
p- pole (N or S)
xxxx- four digit file number identifier (0001-0999)
The date and time of file is located in the lookup table (~ftp/pub/winds/histavhrr/NOAAn/MD/*md_table*) and in the MD file itself.