Some Past Projects

Polar-wide Geophysical Products Derived from AVHRR Data, NASA, J. Key; Univ. Colorado: J. Maslanik (PI), T. Scambos, C. Fowler, 1995-1998.
NPOESS Algorithm DevelopmentAER and ITT, C. Schaaf (PI), J. Key, A. Strahler, C. Woodcock, M. Friedl, W. Lucht, 1998-2000.
The Arctic Radiation Balance, NSF, J. Key (PI), M. Serreze, R. Barry, K. Steffen, R. Stone,  1994-1997.
Sea Ice and Atmospheric Characteristics of the SHEBA Field Area, NSF, M. Serreze (PI), J. Key, J. Maslanik, 1995-1996.
Analysis of Existing Aircraft Datasets of Arctic Clouds, Radiation, and Surface Characteristics: Applications to SHEBA Planning, NSF, J. Curry (PI), J. Key, G. Liu, J. Tilley, J. Maslanik, 1995-1997.
RADNET: A Neural Network-based Estimation of the Surface Radiation Budget in the Arctic from TOVS and AVHRR Data, NASA, A. Schweiger (PI), J. Key, 1994-1995.
Evolution of Sea Ice Characteristics, Cloud Properties and Radiation Fluxes During the Autumnal Freezing of the Beaufort Sea Coastal Waters, NSF, J. Curry (PI), J. Key, G. Liu, 1994-1995.
Ice Surface Temperature Retrieval from AVHRR, ATSR, and Passive Microwave Satellite Data: Algorithm Development and Application, NASA, J. Key (PI), J. Maslanik, K. Steffen, 1993-1996.
Assessment of Climate Variability of the Greenland Ice Sheet: Integration of In Situ and Satellite Data, NASA, K. Steffen (PI), J. Key, 1993-1996.
Modeled and Observed Sea Ice Variability in the Arctic: Sensitivity to Atmospheric Conditions and the Surface Energy Budget, NASA, J. Maslanik (PI), J. Key, 1991-1993.
Lead Detection and Mapping with Reference to Relationships Between Scale, Sensor Characteristics, Surface Conditions, and Atmospheric Properties, ONR, J. Key (PI), J. Maslanik, 1990-1993.