GG101 Cloud Quiz

(From NOAA's National Climate Data Center)

Answer the multiple choice questions based on the picture then click the "Check Answers" button.

1.  Cirrostratus Cumulus Stratus Cirrus

2.  Cumulus Cirrocumulus Altostratus Altocumulus

3.  Nimbostratus Altostratus Cirrus Cirrocumulus

4.  Cirrocumulus Cumulonimbus Stratocumulus Altocumulus

5.  Cirrus Stratus Cumulus Cumulonimbus

6.  Altostratus Cirrus Cirrostratus Stratocumulus

7.  Nimbostratus Cirrocumulus Altostratus Cumulus

8.  Stratocumulus Nimbostratus Cirrocumulus Stratus

9.  Nimbostratus Altostratus Stratus Cirrus

10.  Cumulonimbus Stratocumulus Cirrostratus Cirrus

This quiz was modified from a NOAA NCDC Web site, and I will not take credit for it! - JK