Antarctica, Oct-Nov 2004

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Scott's hut with McMurdo behind.
Inside the hut. The contents are well preserved in the cold of Antarctica. This is the cooking area.
Shelves with cans of food and some tools.
Some of the cloths worn by the expedition team.
Boxes of supplies.
This and the next slide: A couple of examples of special vehicles in McMurdo. This is a "Pisten Bully". Wheeled trucks and vans are also used around town.
Note the special tracks on this Ford pickup truck. They're called "Mattrak" trucks, which is really the brand name of the tracks.
"Ivan the Terra Bus" outside the Science Support Center. Ivan is one of the buses used to bring people to/from the airfields.
Pegasus: We took a trip out near the Pegasus airfield on the McMurdo Ice Shelf, about 12 km from McMurdo, to help a friend take down her site for the season. We went in the Mattrak trucks. It was sunny but with 50 mph winds and blowing snow. It was like a wicked storm at the surface, but with blue sky above. The picture doesn't do it justice, not even close.
Leaving McMurdo: We rode on an Air Force C-17 aircraft on the way back to New Zealand. With little cargo on this flight, there is tons of room. This is a really big plane!
The C-17 in Christchurch.

Acknowledgements: I'd like to thank Matthew Lazzara for making this happen, and the National Science Foundation for funding the travel.