Streamer: Acknowledgements

Streamer has its roots in the program strats by Si-Chee Tsay and much of the code and the gas absorption data from that program have been incorporated into the original Streamer. The functionality of strats was extended by Axel Schweiger. The transformation of that program into Streamer was done by Jeff Key.

Two solvers are used in Streamer: a 2-stream solution by T. Ackerman and the discrete ordinate code by W. Wiscombe, S-C. Tsay, K. Stamnes, and others.

Scientific programming assistance from Mark Rehder and Rongqian Yang is much appreciated. The HTML interface was developed by Victor Nguyen. Jennifer Francis, Marcel Haefliger, and James Pinto did much of the testing of Streamer. Thanks to Bob Stone for many valuable discussions and for help with the original ice cloud Mie calculations. The parameterization of optical properties for various ice crystal habits grew from the work of P. Yang.

This work was supported by the NASA EOS Interdisciplinary Project POLES.