Asking Questions

Unfortunately, we are generally unable to provide support for the software available at this site. If you are absolutely sure that the User's and Reference Guides do not address your question or problem, then you can send a message detailing the issue. Keep in mind that the software is provided "as is". Support for the tools and data at this site is not our priority.

Concerning problems and issues with Streamer, please do not contact the DISORT authors unless you are absolutely sure that it is a DISORT issue and can duplicate the problem with a stand-alone version of DISORT. In other words, if it has anything to do with Streamer, contact us first.

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Known Problems, Bugs, and Processing Status

Known Problems: Known problems are not bugs, just peculiarities, missing data, etc. Lists of known problems and issues are available for:

  Real-time: Software: Data:
  Real-time CASPR
Polar Radiation Fluxes (ISCCP D1)
SHEBA-CASPR Retrievals

Bugs: Known Problems" (above) does not contain known bugs. A separate bug report is available.

Real-Time Processing Status: The real-time processing status for polar winds and CASPR products is updated here when problems arise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently asked question lists are available for:


If you have a suggestion or comment about Streamer, FluxNet, CASPR or a data product, feel free to enter it on the Suggestions page. We're particularly interested in your ideas about features that could be added to future versions of these tools.