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If you download software or data, please register, and please read the distribution policy. Some of the links below will take you to the FTP site via your browser. If you prefer to download software or data through a command line FTP client, use anonymous ftp to, then change to the 'pub' directory. This is particularly useful for downloading multiple files (i.e., using the 'prompt' and 'mget' ftp commands).



   Version 3.0b (beta test):




Antarctic surface energy budget, 1987-1997, from ARCSyM and APP-x. (ftp site)

Extended AVHRR Polar Pathfinder (APP-x), Arctic and Antarctic, 1982-1999, 25 km. (ftp site)

SHEBA CASPR (AVHRR) retrievals, full Arctic, 25 km. (ftp site)

SHEBA CASPR (AVHRR) retrievals, Arctic subset, 5 km. (ftp site)

Polar Radiation Flux Project download page. Radiation fluxes based on the ISCCP D1 cloud data

Polar Radiation fluxes based on the ISCCP C2 cloud data (link to University of Washington)

Arctic Surface Radiation Climatology from Meteorological Station Data (link to University of Colorado)

Global Cyclone Climatology from the NCEP Reanalysis. (ftp site)