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  400 hPa

Real-Time MODIS Products from Tromsø, Norway

NOTICE: Due to a hardware failure, product generation at Tromsø is terminated.

A number of MODIS products are generated on-site at Tromsø, Norway, using data from the Integrated Program Office's direct broadcast system. That system is operated by Ksat. The antenna is actually on Svalbard, and the data are transferred to Tromsø via fiber optic cable. Here are the most recent images for each product. Click on the product links at left for more images of a specific product. The purpose of this direct broadcast real-time system is two-fold: (1) to generate polar wind and other information more quickly than is done with our current system, so that numerical weather prediction centers can assimilate more polar data in their model runs, and (2) to provide an additional source of information, primarily winds, for local weather forecasters. NOTE: Because of Aqua playback scheduling, only Terra data are used for these products.



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